Friday, December 11, 2015

Episode 44: A Christmas Carol Radio Show

Episode 44: A Christmas Carol Radio Show
Charles Dickens (1843)
Running Time: 1:02:21

Directed By:
Co-Director (student) Kathryn Baker 

The Narrator (student) Laura McLellan 
Scrooge - Fr. Gregory Thompson, Chaplain

Fred - Mr. Trent Jones, Art
Fred’s Wife - Mrs. Jill Williams, Science
Poole - Sister Tracey, Science & Math 

The Party Guests:
Young Scrooge 2 - Mr. Sam Pell, Science & Latin

Belle - Ms. Lisa Monyihan, History
Mr. Fezziwig Mr. Joe Crivella, Art 
Mrs. Fezziwig Ms. Kathryn Hogan, Christian Service

The Cratchit Family:
Bob Cratchit - Mr. John Meehan, English

Mrs. Cratchit - Ms. Allison Lattie, Religion
Tiny Tim - Mr. Jim Shirey, DJO Faculty 

The Ghosts:
Marley - Dr. Joe LeBlanc, History
Christmas Past - Mrs. Michelle Taylor, English
Christmas Present - "Coach" David Owens, Religion

Christmas Future - Mr. Frank Roque, Dean of Student Life

Student Ensemble:

Young Scrooge 1 - Peter Lucas
Fan - Ale Rocha
Tom - Andrew Oliveros
Martha Cratchit - Isabel Fernandez
Peter Cratchit - Aly Speier
Business Man 1 - Liam Behan
Business Man 2 - Thomas Guiseppe
Joe - Miranda Smith
Maid - Aidan Mulcahy

With a Special Appearance By:
"Town Girl" & Co-Director - Ms. Sara Zimmerman, Drama

It's the holiday season! And Christmas is in the air at Bishop O'Connell High School. This week, our podcast has been transformed into a full-blown "radio play" adaptation of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, featuring a cast of teachers, students, and administrators from all corners of the Bishop O'Connell family! Sit back and enjoy the show.

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