Friday, January 13, 2017

Episode 97: Research Paper Structure

Episode 97: Research Paper Structure
Five Writing Tips for Success!

This Week's Discussion Topics:

Planning your paper
Developing a thesis

Building solid supports
Bringing in your research
Formatting body paragraphs

Mr. Meehan flies solo this week and shares tips on how his students have really nailed the structure of a solid research paper. DJO college prep English students write research papers at both the junior and senior levels (as well as many other AP and Honors classes throughout the school), so this is an excellent reference if you're new to the research paper or feeling a bit rusty on your research paper skills!

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Friday, January 6, 2017

Episode 96: Research Paper Tips Return!

Episode 4: Research Paper Tips
Insight from the DJO pros
Running Time: 13:56

This Week's Guests

Mrs. Becky Benson Flannery
Mrs. Brittany Borgiasz
Mrs. Diane Cerniglia
Mrs. Danielle Davis
Mrs. Allison Jester
Mrs. Brittney Mihalich

With the new schedule for midterms creating a brand new three-week opportunity for stand-alone units of study, many of Bishop O'Connell High School's English classes have made the jump right into the research paper process. In this rebroadcast of one of our earliest (and most popular!) episodes, current O'Connell English teachers -- and a handful of former DJO pros -- pop in to share some insight and provide a crash course on how you can really make your research paper shine! This week's guests teach sophomores, juniors, and seniors at all levels throughout the school, so there is a ton of information to be had in this episode. And each teacher pops in for two minutes of insight.

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Friday, December 16, 2016

Episode 95: Fantasy Sports Midterm Review

Episode 95: Fantasy Sports Midterm Review
Running Time: 26:35

This Week's Guests:

Mr. John Meehan
and the 5th period students of 
Honors American Literature
Tom Brady or Tom Sawyer? Eli Manning or Ethan Frome? What happens when we take the same principles of Fantasy Football and bring them to life in a literature classroom? Welcome to fantasy sports, O'Connell High School English Department style! This week's episode goes inside one of DJO's Honors American Literature classrooms to watch how students are transforming midterm reviews into a full-contact brain game that is anything but a spectator sport! Come cheer for your favorite fictional characters and learn how students are rooting for their literary heroes to help prepare for this year's exams.

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Friday, December 9, 2016

Episode 94: A Christmas Carol Radio Show (Re-Gift Edition!)

Episode 94: A Christmas Carol Radio Show (Re-Gift Edition)!
Charles Dickens (1843)
Running Time: 1:02:21

Original Air Date: 12/11/15

Directed By:
Co-Director (student) Kathryn Baker 

The Narrator (student) Laura McLellan 
Scrooge - Fr. Gregory Thompson, Chaplain

Fred - Mr. Trent Jones, Art
Fred’s Wife - Mrs. Jill Williams, Science
Poole - Sister Tracey, Science & Math 

The Party Guests:
Young Scrooge 2 - Mr. Sam Pell, Science & Latin

Belle - Ms. Lisa Monyihan, History
Mr. Fezziwig Mr. Joe Crivella, Art 
Mrs. Fezziwig Ms. Kathryn Hogan, Christian Service

The Cratchit Family:
Bob Cratchit - Mr. John Meehan, English

Mrs. Cratchit - Ms. Allison Lattie, Religion
Tiny Tim - Mr. Jim Shirey, DJO Faculty 

The Ghosts:
Marley - Dr. Joe LeBlanc, History
Christmas Past - Mrs. Michelle Taylor, English
Christmas Present - "Coach" David Owens, Religion

Christmas Future - Mr. Frank Roque, Dean of Student Life

Student Ensemble:

Young Scrooge 1 - Peter Lucas
Fan - Ale Rocha
Tom - Andrew Oliveros
Martha Cratchit - Isabel Fernandez
Peter Cratchit - Aly Speier
Business Man 1 - Liam Behan
Business Man 2 - Thomas Guiseppe
Joe - Miranda Smith
Maid - Aidan Mulcahy

With a Special Appearance By:
"Town Girl" & Co-Director - Ms. Sara Zimmerman, Drama

It's the holiday season! And Christmas is once again in the air at Bishop O'Connell High School. This week, DJO was proud to stage our second annual production of the "radio play" adaptation of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, featuring a cast of teachers, students, and faculty members from all corners of the Bishop O'Connell family! Regrettably, it appears that The Grinch stole our audio input of this year's show during the live broadcast, and so our recording of last night's production has been swept away to the Island of Misfit Toys. 

But it's Christmas, and there's no point in crying over spilled (cookies and) milk! So we'd like to send a special thanks to everyone who took part in this year's production -- which included highlights like Mr. Pell singing Italian arias, Ms. Moynihan choreographing a team of teachers Jingle Bell Rocking to the Christmas Macarena, Father Thompson taking an onstage #ScroogeSelfie, and a cameo appearance from our very own Counseling department's Ricky Tanis in the role of the beloved Tiny Tim. Thanks to the magic of the DJO drama program, this year's rendition of A Christmas Carol proved that much like snowflakes, every adaptation of this winter tale is wonderfully unique in its own way.

Included here as our Christmas present to you is the audio from last year's production. We apologize again for the last-minute re-gift -- but we promise, it's a real treat.

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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Episode 93: The Podcast About Podcasts

Episode 93: The Podcast About Podcasts
Running Time: 27:00

This Week's Guests:

Mrs. Courtney Lewicki
Mr. John Meehan
This week, the Bishop O'Connell English department hits the road for the annual Virginia Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development's annual conference in Williamsburg, Va., where our very own Mrs. Courtney Lewicki will be delivering a breakout session to educators from all over the state in which she'll be discussing -- what else! -- the awesome teaching and learning potential of enhancing traditional instruction with your very own school, department, or classroom podcast. Join our off-site podcasting duo of Mrs. Lewicki and Mr. Meehan (likewise on the road at a conference this week from Seattle, Washington) brought together through the magic of the internet this week as we talk about the educational advantages and college- and career-ready skills that podcasting can provide. This week's episode offers a valuable insight into the awesome work that our teachers and students are doing each and every day at O'Connell High School -- and you won't even have to drive all the way down to Williamsburg to hear the cool things that podcasts can do!

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Episode 92: What are You Thankful for, DJO?

Episode 92: What are You Thankful for, DJO?
Running Time: 16:40

This Week's Guests:

Dr. Joseph Vorbach, Head of School
Mrs. Diane Cerniglia
Ms. Allison Gibeily
Natalie Leiva, Class of 2018
Roisin Bergeron, Class of 2018
Mrs. Courtney Lewicki
Mr. John Meehan
Just in time for the holidays, O'Connell High School is serving up a special Thanksgiving episode of our weekly English Department Round Table Podcast. This week, we're celebrating the spirit of the season by asking members of the O'Connell community "what are you thankful for, DJO?" As you're enjoying a plate of turkey and a slice (or two) of pumpkin pie with your own family this Thanksgiving holiday, tune in to this week's episode for a thoughtful side dish of holiday insight from the O'Connell family of administrators, faculty, and -- of course -- our amazing students, as we reflect on this season of gratitude, community, and thanks.

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Friday, November 18, 2016

Episode 91: Student Battle Raps and Rhetoric REMIX!

Episode 91: Student Battle Raps and Rhetoric REMIX!
Running Time: 23:40

This Week's Guests:

Sabena Chadda as Jacob Black
Elysse Anderson as Edward Cullen
Serena Davis as Walt Disney 
Vanessa Nkurunziza as Dr. Seuss
Alec Quiroga as Cristiano Rinaldo
Seth Viani as Tom Brady
Bishan Shourie as Darth Vader
Christopher Ho as Vladimir Putin #1
Tyler Dittmer as Ronald Reagan


Daniel Danenberg as Vladimir Putin #2

It's a second installment of the O'Connell English Department Battle Rap Showdown! Featuring Honors American Literature students assuming the personae of a star-studded lineup of figures from history, literature and pop culture, this week's episode is a second showcase of our students' high-energy display of rhetorical techniques and verse poetry in action. This week, we've got literary monsters trading lyrical barbs, icons of sports squaring off for rhetorical supremacy, and beloved children's cartoonists getting up close and personal with their lyrical smack talk. Join us for a look inside life in our Honors American Literature classroom, full of excitement, humor, and creativity.

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